Happy endings make us smile: Protective mom dog curled on couch waited for hero to help her puppies

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When a puppy was spotted curled up on an old ripped up couch in an overgrown backyard in the St. Louis area by a Good Samaritan, it was time to send for help. The caller to Stray Rescue of St. Louis, explained that the mother dog had been very protective and had no intentions of allowing anyone to get too close to her puppies spotted hiding amid the debris and trash.

And it became the organization’s experienced rescue officer, Donna Lochmann, who knew she would need a very strategic plan to make sure all of the dogs could be saved because the moment she approached, the mother dog started barking very protectively. Well then – Donna resorted to one of her favorite methods of persuasion; one very popular way to win over a pup’s heart, and if you guessed a delicious food treat, your guess was on target.

Mom looked hungry, and when Donna opened up a can of Vienna sausages lured the dog to the back of her van. Within moments the dog was safe, and the rest of the tasks securing the rescue and safety of the little ones began.

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Here’s mama, poor soul is covered in wounds, scars, scrapes, and scabs. It hasn’t been easy out there, but she will never have to endure living outside, having babies, or being hurt ever again!! Her name is Donutfest, wait until you see her little donut holes, coming next…!

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And then came the puppies who didn’t find being picked up by humans much of a party. They screamed and yelled, they hid and did everything they could to avoid capture. At that point, Donna used the same strategy to capture their attention as she did with their mom. The smell of puppy food did the trick, and despite the clever little evasions amidst the weeds and the places these puppies were familiar, all four were captured.

The puppies were all deemed to be very healthy after their veterinarian examinations and when their photos appeared on Facebook, there were a number of adoption applications.

Donutfest, however has still not found her perfect human.

… Donutfest is nothing but sugar and sweetness! The name is perfect. The wound on her head is healing, her scars are fading, and she is so happy knowing her babies are safe. What a wonderful mom she was, and now she’ll never have to go through it again.

She is like a cartoon dog with her huge smile and big, expressive eyes! She’s been great with all the dogs she’s met and is just perfect in every way. She even gives hugs! We can’t wait until she’s adopted and living a full life as someone’s baby!!


Please share Donutfest’s plight with friends and family. She sounds just perfect! She just needs more people to read about her journey.

Donutfest has simply stolen our hearts here at Stray Rescue. This adorable mama was rescued with her puppies at the beginning of October. In that short time, her sweet and sad face transformed into the biggest smile EVER!

You can see how thankful she is now that she has human friends who will show her love and patience – and we want to continue her happy story by finding a permanent place for her!

Donut fest has been spayed and is estimated to be 3 years old. She is available for adoption or to foster. She like dogs – just not too big of a cat fan.

If you or someone you know would like to give this sweet girl a chance – please reach out today! She is a total GEM!

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