Dog abandoned outside shelter with note stating to ‘put her down’

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South Carolina – On Sunday, someone abandoned a dog outside of the Greenville Humane Society; leaving her tied to a pole near the facility’s Adoption Center with a heartbreaking note asking that she be ‘put down as soon as possible. According to the shelter, the dog named Remy has a severe heart murmur – so severe that it can be felt through her chest wall.

The facility said:

This serious condition will require an echocardiogram, at minimum. Depending on what is found during the procedure, Remy may require surgery or a lifelong medication regimen. Unique cases such as Remy’s rely on donations from our Hope Fund… but we’re in the negative. We’ve had more sick and injured animals in our care recently than we have the funds for.

Abandonment is illegal, but comments on the shelter’s Facebook post about the sad situation are mixed. Some people feel like Remy was left at the facility because her family felt like they had no other options, and they were trying to do what was best for her. Others were sad, and sometimes angry, to know that Remy was simply tied up and left alone.

You can donate towards Remy’s care at this link to the shelter’s Hope Fund.

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