Distressing call about abandoned pug causes rescuer to jump into action

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Portland, OR – When an Oregon rescuer got a distressing call about a pug who had been abandoned by his owner, and who was going to be put into a hot car for “safe keeping,” there was no hesitation to jump into action to save his life.

On Monday, Pacific Pug Rescue recounted the frantic effort to save the dog, whose name is Romeo. The animal welfare agency described the phone call they received which prompted the rush to action:

When you get a call like the one we got today, you literally drop everything and drive like a crazy person.
We got a call from a woman that said her daughter had abandoned her pug and he had been living outside for 3 weeks. Then for what reason we can’t comprehend, she said she was going to put him in her car until someone came to get him…it was 85 degrees!

The rescue President left immediately and sure enough, the dog was already in the hot car! The organization said, “He already has an airway that is not great, so he was really panting and making lots of upper airway noise. He was also filthy.”

Romeo was happy to get into a soapy tub and have the filth on his body washed away. The group described his content, “He has had a good meal and is now resting comfortably in his foster home, he will see our vet on Thursday.”

You can help support the rescue agency at this link. Donations help dogs like Romeo get the help they need to survive!

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