Cocker spaniel tries to play ball with a statue and our hearts are smiling

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A black cocker spaniel wanted to play, and with his tail wagging a mile a minute and a ball in his mouth, he repeatedly dropped the ball at the feet of the human, but there was no reaction. The man the pooch chose to play with him, however was a statue, but maybe explaining it to the dog would be much too confusing. After all, it looked like a human, it was seated by himself and why wouldn’t he want to play?

The video was posted on Good News Movement’s Instagram, and because we all need reasons to smile, the video went viral almost immediately. The statue, located in Watchet, England, is named Yankee Jack. We can see the dog repeatedly trying to give the ball to the man, and at one point plops the ball right into the lap of the statue.

I’m sure the statue would play if he could. An adorable pup.

Caption on the video

Check it out for yourself – just too danged cute.

Need we add that the video went absolutely viral and for all the good reasons. It has garnered nearly 150,000 “likes.” That’s a lot of smiles.

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