Adorable litter of kittens born inside of museum historic plane

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At the North Carolina Hickory Aviation Museum, a mother cat and her five kittens made their home inside of the cockpit of a Lockheed T-33 Shooting Star plane.

According to the Charlotte Observer, during the month of October, an employee at the museum had been hearing strange noises coming from the plane, and when he did a bit of investigation, found the mother cat and her family of five tiny kittens. The mother cat had been in the area for at least a year, and during that time people had been feeding her. Neighbors in the area had named her Phantom.

Not only do we battle rain, wind, heat, wasps and birds, one of the cats that roams the airport near the terminal decided to have kittens in t he T-33 Shooting Star. It anyone is looking for a kitten, please stop by during museum hours and inquire. This is why we need to build the museum to get our aircraft indoors!!!!”

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The feral feline family had taken up secret residence in the plane down deep in the cockpit – that is until the kittens were old enough and started peeking through the area when spotted by one of the employees. The last of the kittens was captured on October 27, and it is expected they will be ready for loving homes in a few weeks.

The mom was finally caught late last week and will be spayed and returned to the area she now calls home.

The kittens are available for adoption through the Humane Society of Catawba County.

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