20 defenseless puppies dumped along side of road in Tyler Texas

On Friday night, 20 defenseless puppies were dumped along the side of a road in Tyler, Texas. It was  Nicholas Pet Haven that came to their rescue. A plea for help went out.

“Last night
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Drunken woman accused of tossing kittens into pond by their tails

A drunken woman in Phippsburg, Maine faces charges of animal cruelty after several people witnessed her tossing two kittens into Center Pond on July 4th. Justine Lovig, 41, has also been charged with operating a … Read More

USDA accused of killing hundreds of healthy kittens by ‘incineration’

The United States Department of Agriculture has come under intense scrutiny after an investigation exposed, that for nearly half-a-century, taxpayers have been funding deadly kitten experiments at a laboratory for the U.S. Department of Agriculture … Read More

Man cuts tails off kittens with scissors after domestic dispute

In  Ocala, Florida the Marion County Sheriff’s Office arrested a local man for cutting the tails off four-week-old kittens with a pair of garden scissors during a domestic argument with the kittens’ owner.

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Outrage over live kittens put inside claw machine

Instead of pulling stuffed toys out from a claw machine, a Chinese shop has caused outrage throughout social media which lets players scoop up a real live kitten inside of the machine. In China, the … Read More

Handicapped kitten can’t find a home: Can you help?

In Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, a ten-month-old tuxedo kitten named Ivan, continues to get passed over whenever potential pet parents arrive at the MSPCA’s Boston shelter. For weeks, the adorable and extremely affectionate handicapped kitten, born … Read More

Virginia animal control officer convicted of animal cruelty

In Nottoway, Virginia, an animal control officer, whose position expected him to properly care and protect animals, was found guilty of animal cruelty. On Monday, Raymond Merkh, who had been the director for the Nottoway … Read More

Investigation: Cats forced to fight with each other

An investigation has been launched by the RSPCA in Lancashire, United Kingdom, after two videos were posted online over the weekend showing a man holding cats face to face as they clawed each other. The … Read More

Serial cat killer allowed to roam free: Officials say ‘not a top priority’

A serial cat killer is suspected to be roaming the streets of Spokane, Washington. Since August, when local resident Wesley O’Dell found the first tortured kitten tied, taped, strangled and killed, the Spokane County Regional … Read More

Kitten rescued after getting stuck on 12-story ledge

In Singapore, a lucky little kitten surely used up one of her nine-lives … and so soon when she jumped out of an open window and got stuck on a ledge 12-stories high.

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