911 dispatcher earns lifesaving award after helping owner save her puppy from choking

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In Henderson, North Carolina, a 911 dispatcher for the county’s sheriff’s office saved the life of a choking puppy by helping the owner use emergency measures over the phone.

Henderson County Sheriff’s Office, Sgt. Brandi Baldwin had received the call on May 22, from a woman panicked that her puppy had been choking on a treat, and she had not been able to get him to throw up. The owner had stuck her finger down the puppy’s throat, but couldn’t feel anything.

Even though our normal protocols do not cover medical assistance for K-9’s, Brandi quickly searched the internet for instructions on how to perform the Heimlich maneuver on a canine. She then relayed step by step instructions to the caller who was able to successfully clear the puppy’s airway.

Henderson CSO Facebook

Trained to stay calm, Sgt. Baldwin looked up online how to use the Heimlich maneuver on a dog and guide the woman through successfully. The quick action saved Fin’s life as the woman was finally able to retrieve the treat.

Through Brandi’s willingness to go above and beyond, she was instrumental in saving the puppy’s life.

Henderson County Sheriff’s Office

According to the sheriff’s office press release, it was the first time in her 18 years as a 911 dispatcher, Brandi received the Henderson County Sheriff’s Office Lifesaving Award.

Many thanks to Sgt. Baldwin for her help saving the life of Fin.

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