Big dog goes into store and won’t leave so employees call the police

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When a “very big” dog wandered into a store in Bradenton, Florida, earlier this week, employees were unsure what to do. The 135-lb Saint Bernard was wandering through the Dollar General on Tuesday and he was in no hurry to leave, so the staff called the police for help.

On Thursday, the Bradenton Police Department shared a video of the unusual encounter with Facebook followers on Thursday, recounting the situation:

“So, he just WALKED in?” Earlier this week, Bradenton Police Officers responded to a call from the Dollar General on Manatee Ave. W. in reference to a giant dog that wouldn’t leave – and they really needed to close the store. 135 lb. Bentley broke through a gate and walked a few blocks to the store, where he spent a couple of hours browsing.

The employees let Bentley wander through the store until it was closing time, then they needed a bit of help. The deputy was able to gently coax Bentley out of the store and he was reunited with his grateful owner. The authorities said:

Clerks went about their business until they really needed to lock up! Bentley’s Dad realized he was missing and was grateful that the store, and officers, looked after him. Fortunately, Bentley does have a microchip – or maybe a megachip?!

Watch the video at this link to the Bradenton Police Department Facebook page.

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The dog is smarter than the owner!

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