Woman wakes up to African wild cat in her bed

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In Brookhaven, Georgia, game wardens are on the hunt for a large African cat roaming in the area of an Atlanta country club. The big cat was seen Wednesday morning, sitting on the bed of Kristine Frank staring straight at her.

According to CNN, Kristine had been lying in bed when she heard a “thump.” That “thump” turned out to be the wild animal, and she wasn’t sure what the big cat intended to do. Kristine screamed and ran out of the room as the frightened cat cowered in the corner. The woman’s husband was able to capture photos of the serval after opening the patio door as the wild animal quietly disappeared into the nearby gold course.

Kristine’s husband had opened the patio door to let the dog out moments before and had left the door open. That is when the cat entered.

It is illegal to own servals in Georgia, and it is likely the big cat was someone’s pet, however there could have been dire consequences. The family owns an elderly dog, and no one knows how the animals could have reacted to each other when face to face.

Humane traps have been set for the serval, and once it is captured, it will be sent to an animal sanctuary in North Carolina.

It is unlikely the serval would attack anyone, but neighbors and friends are encouraged not to approach the animal or try to capture it. Anyone who spots it should contact the DNR Law Enforcement HQ.

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