A moment of hope: Cat spotted wandering on lower floor of collapsed Surfside condo

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Rescue crews are trying to find a cat seen wandering on a lower floor of the remaining wing of the collapsed 12-story Surfside condominium on Saturday. It was a moment of hope, a moment to bring smiles to the faces of rescuers, survivors and onlookers alike; it was a sign of life amidst the ruins.

According to NbcMiamiNews, crews hoped to place a humane trap on the balcony so the cat could be rescued. It is not known however, if the cat belonged to any of the evacuated residents or if it just came from the neighborhood.

As crews prepared to demolish the rest of the still standing part of the Champlain Tower South, petitions amid thousands of emails and social media postings continue to beg authorities not to destroy the buildings until the missing pets left behind are located; hoping they may still be alive.

“So apparently there’s a cat now that may have gone out and gotten onto a balcony,” the Miami-Dade County Assistant Fire Chief Raide Jadalah told media representatives.

Fire rescue crews have done at least three sweeps looking for pets including using cameras, but until Saturday none had been found. Mayor Cava stated she told the contractors about the possible locations of the pets, and the workers are aware and doing everything they can to make an additional search. A door to door search is not possible because of the dangers.

As of Saturday afternoon, the death total rose to 24.

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