Woman dumped senior dog at Tampa Airport because she didn’t want to pay fees

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This week, a woman abandoned her senior dog at the Tampa International Airport when she discovered that she needed to pay a fee, and have his vaccine records, for him to fly. According to multiple sources, the woman walked away from the ticket counter and then abandoned the elderly Shih Tzu mix – telling airline officials that she had made other arrangements for her dog.

As reported by Fox 13 News, the police contacted VIP Rescue to come to the airport and help the dog. Corrin Smith, with the rescue group, said, “It’s disgusting. It’s absolutely disgusting and unacceptable.”

The 14-year-old dog, named Bama, appears to have been neglected. Smith said:

He was in a really bad shape. He’s matted, he’s got ear infections, he’s got his teeth are infected, he’s got a tumor on his back.

Police are considering charges against his owner, whose name has not yet been publicly released.

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