Dog left chained outside for years and nearly a lifetime of neglect finds a new home to snuggle and be loved

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After being left chained outside for years and suffering nearly a lifetime of neglect, a little dog from Virginia has a new home filled with love and fun. Meet Pancake, whose journey to a better life brings smiles to everyone who meets her.

According to PETA and a recently released video, Pancake had been chained up outdoors along with two other dogs. Field workers from PETA would regularly visit the dog to provide her with some much needed attention. Because the dogs had been provided with food and water, and the family refused to surrender the pets, there was little that could be done. And so the PETA volunteers would visit regularly – and as Pancake just craved attention and love, each time she would see humans, she would flatten herself on the ground in pure ecstasy – hence the name Pancake.

Then came the day Pancake’s owner died, and she had been left alone and chained in the yard. PETA contacted the family who lived hundreds of miles away and asked if they could take her, but the relatives were insistent that Pancake remain on her chain outside of the home. Within a few months, however – even with automatic feeders that became bug infested and limited water access, the dog had lost weight, was covered in fleas and in desperate need of help.

Finally, the family agreed to surrender Pancake, and after receiving the needed veterinary help, she was moved into a foster home; the same people who shortly decided to adopt her.

And so the happy part of our story follows. Pancake now loves to snuggle, loves her walks and is experiencing all the fun she never knew existed. Slowly, Pancake is leaving her old life behind.

Many thanks to PETA for this inspiring story of rescue.

Check out the video:

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