Snow covered Samoyed dog refusing to come inside during blizzard goes viral on social media

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A snow covered Samoyed pooch decided being outside during a blizzard and ignoring his owner’s plea to come indoors was a lot more fun. Enzo is the adorable pooch, whose breed derived from Siberia – and so why wouldn’t they enjoy the cold weather? Even better, throw in some snow, make it a blizzard, and you have a grand adventure for a fun loving pup.

And so when Enzo experienced quite the snow day at home, he just couldn’t fight off his doggy roots and decided being outdoors was way too much fun. His owner shared the delightful scene on Tik Tok posted by social media user @enzo thesamoyed:

Abuse at its finest 😅 #enzo_thesamoyed #Snowdog #winter #dogsofttiktok #throwback #samoyed

Break My Stride – Chateau Pop

The owner explains Enzo’s personality:

Enzo is my dog. A Samoyed dog. This dog is outside in the snow. This dog is outside in the snow because he wants to be. This dog has 18 muscles in his ears and uses all of them to ignore me when I tell him to come inside out of the snow.

Enzo’s owner

From the video, one can see the entire front lawn is covered in snow including the street and the sidewalk. Meanwhile Enzo was relaxed and lying on the front porch. And as the snow fell, Enzo started to look like a huge snowball, and he didn’t seem to mind one bit!

Of course, after 22.7 million viewers, there are likely going to be some nasty comments – a few citing that Enzo is being mistreated by being left out in the snow. Enzo’s owner made sure to reply:

This dog is not abused. This dog is abusing me. This dog wants me to sleep outside in the snow with him. This dog has lost his mind. Luckily our neighbors are used to him being stubborn and me chasing or screaming and they just laugh at us.”

Enzo’s owner @ Tik Tok

Enjoy Enzo! We think you’re awesome!

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