Hero dog receives 30 stitches after launching himself at mountain lion to protect his owner

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In La Verna, California, a seven-year-old hero dog risked his own life protecting his owner after a huge mountain lion had been spotted in the family’s backyard. Mary Padres spotted the massive cat in her yard and ran inside screaming, but her dog Rocky didn’t hesitate and launched himself at the predator, but returned critically injured.

According to KtlaNews, Padres said the mountain lion had been staring at her; security cameras caught Rocky, a pit bull chasing the cat after he sensed his owner’s fear.

“He was literally right there looking at me, and I got freaked out and started screaming. It was humongous; it was huge. It was very, very scary.”

Mary Padres

And so Rocky, sensing his human could be in trouble, chased the mountain lion up a hill, and when his family found him the dog had been bleeding profusely from puncture wounds all over his body. The family carried their hero dog back into their home and rushed him to the vet. There, he received 30 stitches.

In addition Rocky has puncture wounds and is missing fur where he had to be shaved to attend to all of his wounds.

Mountain lions rarely attack dogs unless they feel threatened. Pet owners are urged never to leave their pets outside unattended. Anyone who sees a mountain lion on their property is urged to contact authorities.

The family has since started a GoFundMe page to help with Rocky’s medical care.

Get well soon Rocky.

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