Fire department frees deer with plastic pumpkin stuck on her head

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In Cascade, Michigan, a deer is finally free of the Halloween plastic pumpkin days after getting her head stuck. She was first spotted with the pumpkin trick-or-treat bucket earlier in the week, and despite multiple attempts to free her, each time the scared doe kicked her restraints loose and ran away.

According to Channel13News, the Cascade Township Fire Department had responded to multiple sightings determined to free the wild animal. A neighbor, who lives on the street where the rescue finally occurred on Friday, said a crew from Thornapple River Nursery had been working on a landscaping project when the deer approached. The men helped the fire department corral her to another house where Fire Chief Adam Magers was able to remove the pumpkin from her head.

Although it is not unusual for wild animals to stick their heads in jars and containers having been attracted by the scent of food, getting their heads trapped and being unable to escape is rare.

Screenshot via Channel13News

This was one lucky deer to have been spotted and helped. Be kind to wild animals, and secure trash tightly and don’t leave food jars and cans outdoors.

Many thanks to the Cascade Township Fire Department for their help. Angels are everywhere.

(Photo of deer via screenshot by Jeff Ott)

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