Social media ‘TikTok’ filled with content featuring animal cruelty

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A popular social media site in China “TikTok” displays youngsters and unknown cruel adults  punching dogs and slapping cats to music; the sick content no longer a place to watch silly dance challenges and lip-syncing to music as it was originally intended.

The video-sharing platform, with more than 1.5 billion users, are supposed to be at least 13-year-of-age, but has no controls nor does it require any proof of age; parents assuming their youngsters are performing dance challenges – “Tiks” or showing cute animals being adored and petted.

According to the Sun Co, however photos and videos can be seen, all too often of dogs and cats being smacked around the head to music blaring, (If You’re Happy and You Know It) in the background – labeled “a dangerous abomination” by animal welfare organizations. More than three million users continue to “like” the violent videos. One dog hit repeatedly in the head accompanied by music had been “liked 38,000 times.”

“They normalize treating animals disrespectfully, even physically abusing them, and there’s a risk of ‘copycat’ behavior by people who are desperate for publicity and attention – even the negative kind,” PETA posted.

Disturbing videos include hamsters being used as tissues, dogs having cotton swabs forced into their mouths for fake DNA tests, tying scared puppies and kittens’ ears with tight hairbands and scrunchies or even propping a small dog up by his legs, making believe he was a rifle.

Pets have suffered ruptured blood vessels and ear swelling while children use explicit language shocking some adults. And these are your kids?

So what should parents do?

Go private – so to settings >Privacy and Safety and look for the Discoverability heading at the top. Go to Private Account and turn it on. Also switch the setting to off so TikTok will not be recommended to others. Also restrict your child from using this site.

TikTok has since reported they have removed content that violated their Community Guidelines.

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3 replies
  1. Carol says:

    If it’s vile, if it’s abusive, if it’s inhumane, if it’s dangerous, if it’s disgusting, if it’s worthless, if it kills you or your pets you can bet it originated in China.

  2. Diana Rowell says:

    To those who call themselves animal lovers: EVERY TIME YOU BUY SOMETHING FROM THESE DEMON SPAWNED, VILE THUGS, YOU SUPPORT THEIR EGREGIOUS ABUSE OF ALL LIVING ENTITIES. THAT MAKES YOU PARTLY RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS ANIMAL TORTURE, IT’S CALLED AIDING AND ABETTING and another term that fits: ENABLING. If it were done here, you all would be up in arms for the person/business to be punished and/or boycotted. WHY then do you KEEP supporting these NAZI STYLED INBRED FREAKS and their DAILY torture? YOU actually disgust me MORE than these Chinese monsters.


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