Family cat survives Australia bush fire and returns home after a week

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As the Australian fires spread to the NSW Bega Valley, a beloved family cat belonging to Ben Symonds ran away into the scorching bush fire area. The fire damaged the family home, but fortunately they have been able to clean up; sadly the scared, beautiful blue-eyed rag-doll kitty named Angel was still missing.

According to Yahoo News, Angel had been gone for a week; there was little hope she survived or ever would return. The family never gave up hope, and as they cleaned up after the devastating flames that nearly “vaporized” everything, they called Angel’s name and repeatedly banged her food bowl.

It had been a week, and the odds of Angel having survived seemed to have been slim to none, but suddenly a miracle  appeared. A family member stood still – staring at a cat – there was Angel sitting on the lawn. The cat, who once had a lush white coat was barely recognizable. She was brown and orange, singed and burnt, but seemed relieved to have been home with her family.

Fortunately, Angel’s injuries have been treatable. She sustained burns around her face and eyes, however her paws were not damaged. It is suspected she may have found a wombat hole and just waited for the fire to die away.

And now she is home – yes – very hungry, but just as affectionate, and we suspect will be just as beautiful as she once was in a very short period of time.

Welcome home Angel.

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