Community rallies around police K9 shot in the eye by suspect

Community rallies around police K9
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The community has rallied around a Moses Lake, Washington, police K9 who was shot in the eye by a suspect. The German shepherd, named Chief, lost his eye after a man who was being pursued turned and shot the dog directly in the eye.

Chief’s handler, Officer Nick Stewart, called for the department’s emergency veterinarian – it was determined that the dog was in dire condition and needed to be airlifted to Washington State University’s veterinary teaching hospital for intensive care.

At WSU, Chief’s eye was removed and he underwent treatment for shrapnel in his face and neck, and a broken jaw. He will have a long recuperation, but he is expected to survive. The department said,

He is alive and has a very good prognosis due to the outstanding work of Officer Stewart, our local veterinarian and the hardworking staff at WSU. K9 Chief is considered a HERO by all those involved in the incident. He took a bullet directed at Officer Stewart, possibly saving Officer Stewart’s life. K9 Chief is the epitome of what a great K9 should be and we are all praying he can return to service and continue to serve the Moses Lake community.

A fundraiser was set up to help offset Chief’s considerable veterinary bills – so far, over $21,000 has been raised.

The department’s most recent update addresses Chief’s potential retirement:

We have had many inquiries about the future of K9 Chief. While he is making an amazing recovery, and we are hopeful he will be able to continue as K9 Officer, those odds are fairly long. If he must be retired, rest assured that he will enjoy a cushy house job as a pet in Ofc. Stewart’s home. Every dollar spent on him, every minute spent training him was worth it for one 12 second event in which he saved his handler’s life. He will have a retirement befitting a hero.

Find the GoFundMe account for Chief here.

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