Boynton Beach man snagged on video punching his dog at park

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In Boynton Beach, Florida, an investigation is currently underway after a video showed a man punching a dog at Intracoastal Park on Sunday morning. The leashed dog named Adi, (short for Addison) had been walking with a man when the man stopped, punched the dog with his fist twice and then slapped the defenseless pooch again.

According to Mutty Paws Rescue,  police took custody of  Adi and took it over to Palm Beach Animal Care and Control. The two-year-old is a female pit bull/Labrador mix.

Sunday evening update:

“Addison CAN be returned to her owner pending outcome of investigation. Let’s hope she isn’t and we hope justice is served,” the rescue organization posted on their Facebook page.

The Boynton Beach Police Department’s investigator Liz Roehrich issued the following statement on Monday morning:

“I will do my absolute best to pursue justice for this innocent animal,” said Roehrich, who has served as the department’s animal cruelty investigator for 28 years. “We will always investigate acts of animal abuse and neglect in the city.”
In addition, Roehrich will be performing a welfare check at the man’s home to ensure the safety of his other animals.
We will provide further information on this investigation as soon as it becomes available. Thank you for your continued patience as we take the necessary time and care required to investigate this thoroughly.”

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