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‘World’s loneliest duck’ dead following dog attack

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A duck, dubbed the “world’s loneliest duck,” is dead following a dog attack. The duck was known as Trevor, and he called a puddle on the South Pacific island of Niue, home.

Trevor “blew in” to the island during a storm and he was reported to be the only mallard who lived there. The island lacks rivers, lakes and streams, so Trevor found himself a puddle to spend his time at. As reported by USA Today, Trevor became a beloved celebrity of sorts with the locals, who fed him and ensured that his puddle always had water.

In September 2018, the Facebook page created on Trevor’s behalf posted a photo of the puddle being filled with water by the local fire department.


Days ago, news of Trevor’s untimely demise was posted to the same page:

What a sad way for the journey of Trevor the Duck – Niue to end. He flew/blew to Niue in a storm about a year ago, chose to live in The Puddle by the side of the road, won the hearts of so many locals and tourists, he became a global celebrity and promoter of Niue. Taken too soon by a dog. Rest in Peace Trevor – you were a very cool duck!

Rest in peace Trevor.

(Images via Trevor the Duck Facebook page)

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Let’s dance!

What the fluff, duck style!

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  1. pennysdachshunds says:

    How Sad!!! This is the animal kingdom we are seeing in survival of the fittest !!! It was kind of the people living there to see that he was comfortable while he was there .. It is What It is I guess…


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