Rocky had been abandoned in a car: Today the shelter will kill him

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Rocky had been abandoned in a car. For the last year he spent isolated from the world with the exception of looking through the window to watch the world go by. On Tuesday afternoon, he is scheduled to be euthanized at the Manhattan New York City Animal Care Center.

According to Rocky’s heartbreaking history, his owner had been feeding and supplying water to his dog; that is until he called police to take him away. A volunteer at the shelter tells us more:

“Rocky lived in an abandoned car for more than a year. He roamed an abandoned lot, and someone fed him out of a car. Imagine the days of wind or rain or bitter cold he endured. Imagine the loneliness and the pain, both physical and mental, he must have felt. At night he huddled on the car seat in the dark,looking out into the darkness, the lights twinkling in the apartment buildings all around him…”

“Why did he wait so long [the owner], I will never understand. They say, ‘time can heal a broken heart but it can also break a waiting heart.’ I think that it is safe to say he will need a lot of love and understanding to know that not all people are cruel. And in time, his past will be nothing but an old memory. Because he deserves at least that, not a freaking needle!…”

Rocky loves people, but prefers a slow approach. He warms up quickly and is very eager to please. He knows his commands – come, sit, and snuggle. He walks well on a leash and is extremely attentive. Rocky does not like other dogs, and he will need a home where he is the only pet.

“I can only imagine how overjoyed he’ll be to have a bed of his own and toys and treats… To Rocky it will be as if he won the doggie lottery too…”


Follow Rocky’s plight here.

ROCKY, ID # 53111 @ 2 Yrs. Old, 56.2 lbs.
Manhattan ACC, Large Mixed Breed, Gray / White, Unaltered Male
I came to the shelter as a STRAY. Housed in Abandoned Car for one year. 
Shelter Assessment Rating: LEVEL 2 (Reference chart at bottom of this post for ratings information)
Medical Behavior Rating: 2. BLUE

INTAKE NOTES – DATE OF INTAKE 1/20/2019: Behavior upon intake Rocky had a loose and wiggly body, was soliciting attention from the counselor by putting his paws on their legs. Allowed counselor to pet, collar and take a picture.

SURRENDER NOTES – BASIC INFORMATION: Rocky is approxamately a two year old large mixed breed male. Police brought him to us because he was outside since sometime around the summer. No one came to claim him but the lot where he was found, the owner of the establishment was feeding him and giving him water since then but can no longer care for him. Rocky is described as friendly around strangers. It was not observed how he is around children, other dogs or cats. It is unknown if he guards his resources.
Rocky has no known bite history.

To adopt Rocky:


Step 2: Go to the red menu button on the top right corner, click register and fill in your info.

Step 3: Go to your email and verify account
Step 4: Go back to the website, click the menu button and view available dogs

Step 5: Scroll to the animal you are interested and click reserve


Step 7: Fill in your credit card info and complete transaction

If interested in helping, you can also post on Rocky’s page or private message Must Love Dogs. Death row pups only have 18 hours to find a home. Euthanasia begins anytime after 1:00.

Share to save Rocky’s life – we are his only hope.

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  1. It disgusts me that any “shelter’ would kill an animal. Would an adoption agency slaughter babies & children because no one offered them a home? At least if they turned the animal loose it would stand a chance of survival and perhaps someone taking it in from the streets. These agencies intrude upon an animals life and then make a decision to kill it. The animal has no choice, it is trapped. This is like what the Nazis did to millions. PLEASE SOMEONE AT LEAST OFFER A FOSTER HOME TO THIS DOG, and then post it’s info on a local Facebook page, stating they took it in to save it, and it needs a home. If someone out of state will take it and give it a home, we can perhaps find someone to transport it, or start a fund for transportation expenses. This is heartbreaking.

    • Since I have been ONE of the individuals that started along with this site::: THIS HAS been a REAL SOURCE of FRUSTRATION ::: NOT KNOWING WHATEVER HAPPENED to the Animals that have been reported on… I would imagine this beautiful fellow has euthanized … NEW YORK The one in this post is VERY PROMPT on PUTTING THE RESCUES DOWN!!!! I would not live on the East Coast for all the ” Rice in China”


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