Update: Something horrible happened to dog named Viking

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Something horrible happened to Viking at a junkyard where the dog lived, and now he needs help. When Dream Fetchers volunteers Faith Easdale and Suzette Hall were notified on Thursday and asked to help, the all volunteer group didn’t hesitate to rush over to Inland Empire in Southern California. The women were shocked when they saw the dog struggling to breathe in the 100 degree outdoor temperatures.

“… A deep gash on his neck and face. Looks like oil or dirt all over his poor body! He looks defeated and in pain! We don’t know what really happened…”

Viking was rushed to an emergency veterinary hospital where he was administered life-saving treatment; he survived the night.

“The redness is less. His blood work shows muscle damage of course and elevated liver enzymes which is likely related to injuries. He moved in the night and wagged his tail this morning. Still isn’t sitting up or opening his eyes but he can hear me. His wagging tail touched my heart. We may be able to put him under today and close up some wounds. X-rays will likely be taken later today to rule out skeletal damage,” rescue volunteer Suzette Hall posted on Facebook.

Check out Viking wagging his tail this morning:


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  1. Jan Barnes says:

    I will NEVER understand how animals can forgive the horrors they have endured at the hands of BRAINLESS HEARTLESS SUBHUMANS! They must have the capacity to love that far exceeds human capability. We must learn from them!


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