Cancer-stricken dog needs a foster home

Cancer-stricken dog in need of hospice foster home

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A cancer-stricken dog, with an unknown amount of life left to live, is in desperate need of a hospice foster home. The dog, dubbed Rocky, had been surrendered to a Fort Worth Texas shelter to be euthanized…but the decision was made by a group of people to give Rocky a second chance to enjoy life.

On Wednesday, Fort Worth Abandoned Animal Alliance wrote:

After our vet examined him and research on how he ended up at the shelter, we found out he was an owner surrender as a euthanasia request. Rock had previously had a cancerous mass removed and it was back and unfortunately very aggressive. We were not going to fail him as everyone before had. Last night we received a call from the vet to go over options. It was mentioned euthanizing him, but we just couldn’t. Rocky deserves happiness as long as he can have it in a state of comfort and not suffering. We asked our wonderful vet to try for him because too many people have failed him.

The group described the surgery which Rocky underwent:

Rocky had his penis amputated and reconstructive surgery so he could still urinate without assistance. He had a MASSIVE cancerous tumor that stretched from his penis to his testis and also into his abdomen. As much as possible was removed. This has only extended his life so he could know love and compassion and enjoy his life some.

And a request for someone to take this pup in:

We are in desperate need of a hospice foster. We took him in knowing we didn’t have a foster and hoping someone would step up. Now Rocky needs us humans to step up for him more than ever. Can you help? He will never leave our rescue and he won’t have a long life, but together we can make it his best life. Please, please, someone step up to foster this boy. We want him to be able to lounge in the sun, roll in the grass, go on a few small adventures.

This sweet boy deserves happiness, can you help us help him?

Can you lend a hand?  A foster application can be found at this link.

Rocky should have the last days of his life in a real home, in the company of an adoring person – and maybe someone could even treat him to his very own bucket list before that last day arrives.

(Image via Facebook)

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  1. Jan Barnes says:

    Maybe donations can help Rocky find a hospice, so he will feel the love he so desperately deserves for the rest of his life!


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