Update: Cow on slaughter truck bailed out and then gave birth

In Paterson, New Jersey, a cow that jumped out of a double-decker slaughter truck approximately eight feet from the ground,  onto Route I-80 and survived with only a few scratches, has more of a story to tell. On Saturday, just days after the cow was to have been slaughtered for hamburger meat, she delivered a healthy baby cow.

According to the Skylands Animal Sanctuary and Rescue in Wantage, who along with police, were able to bring the cow, now named Brianna, under control, the healthy young cow is now the mother of a baby girl named “Winter.” Mike Stura, the founder of the rescue organization, stated the owner of the cow decided to give her to the rescue, and Brianna and Winter will become part of the 70 cow herd.

“She was less than 10 minutes away from that slaughterhouse when she flew out of the truck. She’s never had freedom, she’d been impregnated about nine months ago, and had already lost her home and her family, but that wasn’t enough, EVERYTHING was about to be stolen from her, her beautiful baby, and her life,” Stura wrote on Facebook.

Who knows why Brianna kicked the back door of the slaughter truck open? Paterson Police Director Jerry Speziale has taken a special interest in the cow’s plight and questions why a cow, so close to having a calf, would be on a transport to the slaughter house.

GRAPHIC video of Brianna giving birth to Winter:

“Brianna is now the proud mother of a beautiful baby girl named, Winter she came to us at 1:30pm on 12/29/2018
You can hear my voice change when I say “Hi baby”, that is because I saw Winter open her eyes for the first time and look right at me. Easily one the most incredible things I’ve ever been involved in, but
Also extremely nerve racking because the Dr. hadn’t gotten here yet..
I’d like you all to take a minute to contemplate the reality of this..
Brianna is a young girl, in great health, very far along in her pregnancy, and was on a transport truck that was taking her to slaughter. She was less than ten minutes away from that slaughterhouse when she flew out of the truck..”

Welcome to the world Winter. Brianna – you are safe!

To donate to this rescue, click here.

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The miracle I pray for…

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