Hopeless dog

The face of hopelessness

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Have you ever wondered what the face of hopelessness looks like on a shelter dog? Look no further than this despondent mother who is being held in an Alabama city animal shelter.

The Facebook user who posted the hopeless dog’s photo writes:

This is what hopeless looks like.


 She has probably 4-5 puppies with her….one is very ill it looks like. I asked the shelter to please put a little bed in with her, she seemed so uncomfortable. She is very, very scared.

Why should this dog have any hope? She has obviously been failed by people time and again. Nobody cared enough to get her fixed. Nobody cared enough to give her a forever home. It is quite likely that this dog has never known what it means to be loved.

Please help her.

City of Daphne Animal Shelter
7145 Johnson Rd
Daphne, Alabama Call (251) 620-2800

Note: The man up posted this photo added an update a short time later which assures everyone that this dog (and her puppies) are receiving care. He writes:

This very sad picture was posted to show how desperately homes are needed in the shelter. This dog is in GOOD HANDS and being taken care of where she is. She has 4-5 puppies with her. Her eye looks as though it has been shot, but it appears to be an old wound. She is being made comfortable, and as soon as she and her puppies are available for adoption, I pray that she has a lot of interest. Her spirit is broken, but please let me assure you that in her circumstances, she is being well cared for. The Daphne shelter is doing all they can for her presently….if you know of a home or a rescue who may be interested when her family has cleared the hold, please let them know ASAP.

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