Update: Skeletal dog nearly starved to death survives the night

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In Paris, Texas, the skeletal dog discovered tied to a tree by a Good Samaritan and rescued by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC survived through the night – almost a miracle of its own. Sunshine, as the dog has been named, received three blood transfusions; when found, her body score rated as a “0”.

It is believed the quick action of the shelter to alert the rescue organization and then the immediate transport of Sunshine to the emergency veterinary hospital are the reasons the dog is alive one more day.

“… our intervention to get Sunshine into the Emergency Hospital within 30 minutes from when we received the plea, is the reason she is alive now,” Stacey Silverstein, co-founder of the rescued organization posted on Facebook Tuesday afternoon.

Sunshine is still VERY critical and she certainly is not in any way out of danger. Her road to recovery will be very long if she survives. We anticipate her needing 24 hour medical care for the foreseeable future.”

Sunshine is not able to walk or even lift her head at this time. She is too weak after having nearly been starved to death by her owner. An investigation into animal cruelty is currently underway as the rescue and hospital veterinarians work closely with authorities.

The other three dogs found on the property are also safe. Details and updates on these dogs will follow.

“Thank you to everyone who has donated and for the outpouring of support around the country,” Stacey said. “We are a strong community who believes that dogs like Sunshine matter.”

To help Sunshine and the three other dogs rescued on Monday, please click here:


Read the details about Sunshine’s rescue on Monday here.

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  1. Lynda Smetana says:

    Poor, poor Sunshine! I’m literally sick to my stomach and crying after 30 minutes of reading the 2 posts, watching the video, and looking at pictures. How could anyone think so little of their dog that they tie it up to starve to death? Everyday for a couple of weeks the “owners” and their neighbors have been hearing her bark and whine for help. Why don’t people find out why a dog is barking repeatedly? Sunshine never should have been allowed to get this skinny. I doubt she would have lived another day. We really need to be a voice for our neighbors’ animals. Always!! I seriously want to keep up with the cruelty case against her “owners”. I pray they get at LEAST 5 yrs and no more animals for life!


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