Pet lovers outraged at deceased dog found lying in the snow

Pet lovers have expressed outrage concerning an emaciated dog that was found deceased in the snow in the Village of Clayton, Wisconsin on Monday. Temperatures had been well below freezing and the wind blew stronger as the dog’s heart grew weaker and weaker. It wasn’t long before the chained dog’s life slowly slipped away.

Although there was no longer anything to be done to help this dog, concerned citizens asked officials of Clayton County for help:

“… We are reaching out imploring that everyone urges that the absolute fullest extent of the law be pursued in this completely disturbing and detestable case of deliberate torture of a helpless pup in Clayton, who we are naming Clayton. There was no reason that this hapless boy was left starving in the freezing cold to die. With the heartless owner inflicting this treatment on a helpless creature, we cannot help be be gravely concerned about the other dogs on his property…”

As the photos of Clayton’s lifeless body went viral after having been posted on the community Facebook group, UnChain Wisconsin, emails and phone calls flooded into the Clayton Police Department. By the next day, police began an investigation and transferred the deceased dog to a veterinarian clinic in Barron County for a necropsy to aid in the investigation.

On Thursday, the preliminary results came back. The Clayton Police Department addressed the investigation on their Facebook page:

“Clayton PD would like to update the community on the recent animal case from Monday, December, 2, 2019. We understand and appreciate the public’s concern in this matter. It is not standard practice to comment on pending cases however in this situation we feel it is important to quell some possible misunderstandings.

The preliminary report from the Wisconsin Veterinary Diagnostic Lab shows the dog in this case may have died from natural causes and further evidence shows the dog had consumed food earlier in the day. It will take several weeks for test results to be completed. We ask for your patience in this matter. It is important to emphasize that any and all threats to person(s) involved in this case will continue to be investigated and processed for any applicable charges.”

Clayton was a hunting dog and likely had never been considered a pet. Whether this dog had been bred and trained to chase down bears or wolves is unknown. Still, there are laws in Wisconsin that require adequate shelter and access to food and water. Reportedly there are eight other dogs on the property. It is hoped they don’t meet the same tragic fate as did Clayton.

Although it is understandable for animal lovers to be upset, it is also important to remember no charges have been brought against Clayton’s owner.

Below are contacts. Please be respectful.

District Attorney.
Clerk of Circuit Court.
First Vice Chairman. Jay Luke
County Board Chairman
Town of Clayton Humane Officer. Darel Hall.
Polk County Sheriff.
Polk County Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Peter M. Johnson 715-485-8300.
Police Chief Travis Murphy Clayton Police Department PO Box 264 Clayton, WI 54004 ​715-948-2121 office phone 715-641-2317 cell phone
Clayton town Chairman- Bill Vanda.
Amery mayor Paul Isakson.
Sheriff Brent Waak .

You know it’s true!!

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5 replies
  1. Gens says:

    WHY ARE THE DOGS RIBS STICKING OUT????? This man needs to have his dogs examined and needs some better shelter when it snows, it doesn’t take a genius to figure that out !!

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    If the dog was sick and dying then it should have been humanly put to sleep by the owner. You don’t leave a dying dog out in the cold and snow! Of course the dog died of natural causes, it froze to death! Sorry I will judge the owner, you don’t treat a dog like this if it’s sick, and it shouldn’t be treated like this even if it isn’t!

  3. Diana Rowell says:

    Clayton PD ought to have their ASSES BEATEN, then HOG tied to a tree in the middle of nowhere and left to starve to DEATH. As far as their threats about others taking this in to their own hands, FUCK YOU and WE WILL do what EVER we need to do to protect OUR community, of which YOU DO NOTHING ABOUT ALL THE ABUSE HERE. CORRUPT, NAZI BASTARDS! You’re PAID to SERVE AND protect this community and ALL YOU can do is THREATEN US!


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