Owner shocked when vet taped dog’s mouth shut during euthanasia

In Beaverton, Oregon, the owner of a 14-year-old dog was shocked when he saw his dog’s mouth taped in a veterinarian’s treatment room during the euthanasia process. The Oregon Veterinary Medical Examining Board is now investigating.

According to Fox News, Allan Worman had made the tough decision to euthanize his 14-year-old dog who suffered from a severe spinal problem. And so he took his beloved dog, Coco to the Companion Pet Clinic on October 9 to be humanely euthanized and made the staff fully aware he wanted to be with her as she was put to sleep.

“Fourteen years of loving my Coco problem child from the beginning, fearful of everything, but wanted to protect everything. She finally came to a point in her life that it was time to move on. Very hard for my wife and I, after being told 10 years ago to let her go. We found with a lot of work and love we could help her live longer with her disability. We knew she was going to get worse, and eventually did. After carrying her and a big supply of puppy pee pads, we decided it was time to let her go.” Allan wrote on his Facebook page.

Dr. Daniel Koller entered the room, gave her a sedative, picked her up and left. When he didn’t come back in a few minutes, Worman became worried and looked around the corner – the first thing he saw was what he initially thought was masking tape around Coco’s snout.  Worman quickly entered the room, the two argued as Coco’s owner reminded the vet, he gave explicit directions he wanted to be with his dog to the end.

Dr. Koller was so angered, he reversed the dog’s initial sedation and told Worman to “get your damn dog out of here.”

“He brought Coco back to me and told me to get the hell out. I took her across the street to Canyon Pet Hospital, and they dropped everything to take care of her. Taking me into the room and sitting me and Coco down, they gave her another shot to calm her down, and then administered the shot that would stop her heart. I sat holding her as she made her journey to heaven. This is all I wanted, it was the same price?
This whole process was out of place the doctor was irritated because he was doing something wrong. Later we found out that he had choked another dog to death instead of giving her an injection. I had a hard time believing that the masking tape was a start of what was about to happen…”

Now Worman says he is sticking up for Coco.

“…I just don’t want to see other pets hurt.”

According to OregonLive, Dr. Koller lost his license to practice veterinary medicine in 2010 following accusations of animal abuse from clients and staff, including drug abuse charge allegedly causing him to fall asleep while performing surgery. In the late 1970s, his California veterinary license was revoked for animal cruelty; it was restored in 1999.

A Facebook page Victims of Companion Pet Clinic has photos and heartbreaking stories of pets alleged to have been hurt or died in Dr. Koller’s care.

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4 replies
  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    How is this monster even allowed to practice if he lost his license to practice veterinary medicine in 2010? It’s a difficult ordeal to go through putting your pet to sleep to begin with but what this POS was doing to the dog is unconscionable! Put Dr. Koller in jail where he belongs, he is nothing more than an abusive killer!

  2. Bunny Peters says:

    Unreal. I have, sadly, lost numerous furbabies to euthanasia (when no more veterinary could be done to help)…….

    This veterinarian was clearly NOT Acting in the “normal” manner. Definitely should be punished…..


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