Horse near death before being rescued

Accident leaves horse ‘near death’ before rescuers step in to help

A frightening accident in Bossier Parish, Louisiana, left a horse near death before rescuers stepped in to help. Last week, the terrifying situation was recounted on the Bossier Parish Sheriff’s Office Facebook page – the agency writes:

What could have ended tragically this morning ended up well for a horse, thanks to the watchful eyes of a passerby and the quick actions of first responders and concerned citizens.

Deputies were called out to assist the distressed and entangled horse who was “near death” after becoming entangled in aluminum fencing. Dep. Jessie Bearden and Dep. Mark Fortenberry of the Bossier Sheriff’s Office, along with firefighters and animal control officers, worked together to help the horse who was struggling to breathe.

Dep. Bearden said, “We positioned the horse better so he could get some air, and I consoled the horse to ensure he didn’t hurt himself anymore.” They were able to use bolt cutters to free the horse.


The life-or-death situation was brought to light by an employee with Strongmen Movers. The business relayed those first moments when the distressed horse was discovered:

On the morning of October 28th, 2019, in the Benton/North Bossier area, just off of Linton-Bellevue Road, our personnel observed a damaged livestock pen. When looking closer, a horse was seen, in obvious distress, desperately kicking and flailing, trying to get free from the fencing. The horse was found, entangled in the fencing, wounded and bleeding, and suffocating as its neck was trapped in between the aluminum fence railing.

The rescue group worked together to cut away the fencing and free the horse, who miraculously appeared to be unharmed by the harrowing ordeal. Strongmen Movers writes:

Fire department equipment was utilized to cut through the aluminum fencing and free the trapped horse. Once free from the fencing, the horse was stood up, and appeared to be free of any major injuries. When personnel left the scene, the horse was standing on its own power, and appeared to be recovering properly.

Adding words of gratitude:

We are so thankful, and we praise the Lord for all who were involved, in the rescuing of this beautiful animal.

Proverbs 27:23 (NLT) – Know the state of your flocks, and put your heart into caring for your herds.

(Images via Bossier Parish Sheriff’s Office Facebook page)

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