Newlyweds asked for animal shelter donations

Newlyweds asked for shelter donations instead of wedding gifts

At times it may be hard to believe, but there ARE still good people in the world. An Ohio couple recently decided to forgo their own wedding gifts and instead, chose to have people donate to an area animal shelter.

The Wayne County Humane Society created a Facebook post (which has since gone “viral”) about the generous couple, writing:

We received a tremendous gift on Saturday from Jonathan and Jeananne Wickham! This wonderful couple got married a few weeks ago and instead of asking for wedding gifts, they asked for donations on our behalf!

And recounted the generosity of those who decided to take the couple up on their request:

In total, they collected and donated over 1,200 cans of wet food, 750 lbs of dry food, a massive amount of cleaning supplies, and over $2,000 for our medical fund! The funds they raised already helped provide life-saving medical care for two of our kitties.


We are so grateful for this amazing display of kindness and can’t thank them enough.

(Images via Wayne County Humane Society Facebook page)

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