Workers find dog buried alive at dump

Dog found buried alive at dump
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A badly injured dog is recovering after sanitation workers in Phoenix, Arizona, found him buried alive at an area dump. According to the Home ‘Fur’ Good rescue organization, the dog, dubbed Oscar, was likely thrown into a dumpster before being picked up by a garbage truck and deposited (unknowingly) at the county dump.

In a Facebook post on Monday morning, the rescue agency writes:

Oscar just had emergency surgery to repair a broken leg and shattered pelvis. HFG has partnered with Two Pups Wellness Fund to cover the costs of his surgery and rehabilitation. Please consider giving from the heart. This sweet survivor needs some caring and compassionate humans right now.

As reported by 12 News, Oscar is recuperating in a foster home. He will be made available for adoption after he has recovered from his injuries.

Interested in helping this discarded dog recover? You can make a donation for his veterinary care to: or

(Image via Facebook/Home Fur Good)

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  1. I know that injured animals are often thrown in the trash because
    I have rescued them and brought them home to take care of them.

    Shame on these sick heartless brainless losers–they are the ones
    who belong IN THE TRASH!

    PLEASE help Oscar!


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