Indonesia’s grisly slaughterhouses where dogs are butchered

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In the city of Surakarta, [Solo] in Indonesia, shocking videos have surfaced showing the horrifying images inside of a slaughterhouse where dogs are butchered for human food. The dogs have been rounded up, tied in sacks with just their heads out, their snouts muzzled so they don’t bark and thrown into filthy cages to await their grisly fates.

According to Dog Meat-Free Indonesia, photos and videos have been forwarded to the government to follow up on their pledge to stamp out the horrific trade. The World Health Organization has cited human consumption of dog meat contributes to the transmission of rabies in Indonesia. The Ministry of Agriculture has issued a directive stating dog and cat meat are not recognized as food and have forbid issuing health certificates for dogs used for human consumption.

Despite the warnings and the directives, dogs still are stolen and tortured. They are hit over their heads, strung up and their throats are slit – most while they are still conscious and alive. Other dogs are forced to watch knowing this will happen to them.

“The look in their eyes is haunting, the blood splattered walls are unforgettable,” an animal activist described.

Latest statistics reveal an estimated 13,700 dogs of unknown disease and vaccination status are captured and stolen from the densely packed city. More than 90% of the dogs have been stolen. In just Surakatra alone, 1,200 dogs are killed daily for their meat. Ironically, Indonesia is the world’s most populous Muslim nation who do not eat dog meat according to their religious beliefs, so only minority groups are still eating dog meat especially during baptisms and weddings.

As in other countries, some still believe the meat cures skin problems, improves the immune system or improves male sexual prowess.

Warning: Video is graphic and not suitable for all viewers. Use discretion.

Solo’s Dog Meat Trade Exposed (Documentary)

(BAHASA TEXT BELOW)DearMayor of Solo/SurakartaGovernor of West JavaGovernor of Central JavaGovernor of East JavaMinistry of AgricultureGovernor of DKI JakartaPresident of IndonesiaIndonesia is such a beautiful country with so much beauty and many incredible cultures. But the dog meat trade is not one of them.It is a cruel and dangerous trade that threatens our wonderful country’s reputation, and our animals’ and people’s health & safety.The World Health Organization (WHO) has explicitly cited the dog meat trade as a factor contributing to rabies transmission in Indonesia, and we have evidence of this spanning decades!The dog meat trade is a national health and safety threat that cannot be ignored! Action must be taken!The Ministry of Agriculture has already issued a directive that stated that they don’t recognize dog and cat meat as food and they forbid issuing health certificates for dogs for consumption. Please declare your area in support of a Dog Meat Free Indonesia and ban the trade, slaughter and consumption of dogs. Please keep Indonesia beautiful by BANNING this brutal and dangerous trade!-Kepada Yth.Walikota SurakartaGubernur Jawa BaratGubernur Jawa TengahGubernur Jawa TimurGubernur DKI JakartaKementrian PertanianPresiden IndonesiaIndonesia adalah negeri yang sangat indah dengan berbagai kebudayaan yang menakjubkan. Tetapi perdagangan daging anjing BUKAN salah satunya.Perdagangan ini sangatlah kejam dan membahayakan, dapat merusak reputasi negara kita, serta menjadi ancaman kesehatan dan keamanan hewan & masyarakat.Organisasi Kesehatan Dunia (WHO) secara eksplisit telah menyatakan bahwa perdagangan daging anjing merupakan faktor penyebaran rabies di Indonesia, dan kami memiliki bukti-buktinya sejak puluhan tahun lalu!Perdagangan daging anjing adalah ancaman kesehatan dan keamanan nasional yang tidak bisa dibiarkan! Perlu dilakukan tindakan tegas!Kementerian Pertanian telah mengeluarkan Surat Edaran yang menyatakan bahwa daging anjing dan kucing tidak termasuk dalam kelompok bahan pangan serta melarang dikeluarkannya Sertifikat Kesehatan untuk anjing sebagai konsumsi manusia.Tunjukkan dukungan wilayah Anda kepada Dog Meat Free Indonesia dengan melarang perdagangan, penjagalan dan konsumsi anjing.Mari kita jaga keindahan Indonesia dengan menghapus perdagangan yang kejam dan berbahaya ini!#DogmeatfreeIndonesia #DMFI #SOLO #Surakarta #IndonesiaBebasDagingAnjing #Jawa #Jawabarat Jawatengah #jawatimur #VisitIndonesia #AnimalWelfare #AgainstAnimalCruelty #IndonesiaBebasRabies2020 #Rabies #stopmakananjing #anjingbukanmakanan

Posted by Dog Meat Free Indonesia on Wednesday, April 24, 2019

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  1. Amy A Jackson says:

    This needs to stop. The dogs didn’t do anything. Maybe they should start doing that to their own families. We are their VOICES give them a chance to be loved and etc


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