‘Humanized’ deer may have been provoked before attacking woman

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In Maryville, Tennessee, a woman was seriously injured on Monday after having been attacked by a “humanized” white-tailed deer. Neighbors in the area defended the deer affectionately named Louie stating he never harmed anyone and the woman “had to have provoked him.”

According to WbirNews, the year-and-a-half old 4-point deer that weighed 75 lbs., had been treated like a pet in the neighborhood. Ronald Harris, a resident in the neighborhood stated his granddaughter used to paint the deer’s toenails and acted more like a “neighborhood pet.”

Beth Ann Palazzola had been getting her mail outside of her workplace when the deer approached from behind,  knocked her down and began to gore her with his antlers. Three Good Samaritans stopped the deer from dragging the woman. She was hospitalized and suffered serious injuries.

Louie’s antlers had been painted fluorescent orange and wore a reflective collar to let hunters know not to shoot him.

Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency located Louie and euthanized him for being aggressive. They said he had been raised by humans from an early age and had become unnaturally “humanized.”

No charges have been filed. Authorities state they know where the deer was being held.

Rest in peace Louie.

(Photos via Ronald Harris and Wbir News screenshot)

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