The dog who became The Lion King

Aslan, a rescue dog, recently won first prize in an online pet Halloween costume contest when his mom Carin Sikora dressed him up as a lion. With his costume mane and his coloring, Aslan, very much resembled Disney’s famous character, Simba. Like the fictitious Simba, Aslan had a few difficulties in his early life.

He was born April 19, 2018 and lived with a woman who had multiple dogs, but sadly they were not getting the best of care.  All the dogs including the puppy Aslan (then named Buddy) all lived in cramped, filthy outdoor kennels. They had very little interaction with people and were rarely shown affection.,

One day the woman decided she no longer wanted to bother with the care and responsibility of her dogs, so she asked Carin’s sister to take a few of the dogs to the pound and say they were strays.  At that time Buddy (Aslan) was a mere three months old; not a very good start to life!

Carin’s sister had someone interested in adopting Buddy and stopped by Carin’s house with him on the way to meet his potential adopter. She was immediately smitten with the handsome little guy with the overgrown feet and made a joking remark about keeping him herself.

Sadly, Carin had lost her big dog in 2016, and although she loved her smaller dogs and cats, she missed having a big dog to wrap her arms around. And at around the time Buddy came into her life, she was actively looking to take in a rescue dog in need. As fate would have it, it didn’t work out with Buddy’s adopters because they realized they just were not ready for the responsibility of raising a puppy. This was after only two days with them.

So, Carin’s sister brought Buddy back to Carin in July 2018. Carin renamed Buddy Aslan, after a lion character in a popular movie.

A year-and-a-half later, the little puppy with the big feet is now a 104-pound mutt that takes up most of Carin’s bed at night. He eats like a horse and can chew through the toughest toy in minutes. Besides being a “total dork” as Carin describes him, Aslan is clumsy, and drools a lot. Despite this, he is also sweet, friendly, and completely oblivious to his size.

He is well loved by Carin, her mother and all his dog and cat siblings. It wasn’t just by coincidence that Buddy showed up at Carin’s home that day. She was looking for a dog, he was looking for a home.  Aslan was meant to be her dog.

The little puppy with the big feet

Aslan has added so much to Carin’s life. He makes her laugh, smile, and sometimes makes her grit her teeth. He has also acquired many nicknames over time. These include, Big Baboo, Buffas, Buffoony, Azzy, and Azaboo. Quite a few monikers for one dog!

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