Hero dog saves tiny Chihuahua from near death encounter

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A hero dog saved a tiny Chihuahua this week from a near death encounter. A home security video showed what happened as the driver of a sport utility vehicle backed up.

“First I thought I had crushed my dog,” the driver noted on the caption of the video.

But the video showed more than backup lights. A small black and white Chihuahua can be seen in the driveway in the path of the car as the driver backed up. It seemed as if the tiny Chi was going to be caught under the wheels of the vehicle, but suddenly, a border collie runs in front of the tiny dog, grabs him by the neck and runs off.

The driver is visibly relieved as she opens the car door and sees both dogs uninjured. They all walk away together.

The Drive wants to warn drivers that no matter how good the camera may be on your car, there are still small ones who can elude your view. We are indeed grateful this potential situation ended on a positive note.

Check out the video at this link:



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  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    One of the reasons when we set up our invisible fence we made sure the dogs couldn’t get in the driveway. It is amazing the dog had the presence of mind to save his little buddy. A real hero!


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