Father’s recount of 2 dogs biting off child’s arm contradicts wife’s story

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In a heart wrenching story of two beloved dogs who accidentally bit off a child’s arm in Layton, Utah, newly released documents by the Davis County Animal Control reveal a different account of the wife’s story.

An investigation began on March 3 when a 4-year-old boy had his hand bitten off by one of the dogs. The child lost his arm from the elbow down and suffered multiple bites on his face and jaw.

It wasn’t a black and white situation…the dog was not running loose at the time, and technically the boy wasn’t injured as the result of an outright attack. The dog was inside of his owner’s fenced yard when the incident took place, and the child put his arm, which was inside of a sock, beneath vinyl fencing. When the dog grabbed hold of the “sock” and pulled, the child suffered a serious injury.

According to KutvNews, the father recalled he and the child playing in the backyard that day. The father put the socks on the toddler’s hands to keep them warm. When the father momentarily went back into the home to use the bathroom for approximately five minutes and returned to the yard, he saw his son’s hand under the fence. As he tried to pull his son’s hand out, it wouldn’t budge. The father looked over the fence and saw the two huskies, Polar and Bear, tugging at the little boy’s hand.

The father screamed and tried again to get his son’s arm out from beneath the fence, and when he pulled back, the bone in the child’s arm was exposed. The child was rushed to the hospital where his arm from the elbow down was amputated.

According to the mother, Elizabeth Brown’s side of the story, as posted on Facebook, the dogs had been digging under the fence trying to get to her son. Although she had never seen the dogs, she wrote that she noticed dirt in the same area as where her son was attacked. Brown also stated her husband was there at the time of the attack, and the child said he had seen “a puppy nose” and when he reached to pet the nose, the dog grabbed his arm. She said the dog was able to get his head partially under the fence when he grabbed her son’s arm.

The owners admitted they had personally not had their dogs vaccinated, but had believed the person who sold them the dogs had done so. They bought the dogs from a woman walking out of a clinic and have had the dogs since they were eight-weeks-old. The dogs had never been involved nor reported to have been in any aggressive activity.

On the day of the attack, the owner said he saw the dog “chewing on an object.” She thought it had been an old toy. The dogs have since been turned over to Davis County Animal Care and Control. The dogs will be sent to a sanctuary. All charges against the owners have been dropped.

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  1. That mother is a bald-faced liar. This was a tragic accident that resulted from a young chid doing what young chldren do, acting in a way thast wasn’t very smart. The Dad admits he turned his back on the boy and that was when the kid reached under the fence and the dogs grabbed the “sock,” no doubt believing it was a toy. Another tragedy in this is that the dogs are being sent away from their home for something that happened that really wasn’t their fault. Why not have the family with the kid move away instead and let the dogs stay?


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