Puppies rescued, mother left behind at busy animal control agency

Help! Mother dog left behind at busy animal control after rescue pulls puppies

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Help is urgently needed for a mother dog who has been left behind at a busy Texas animal control agency after a rescue group pulled the puppies she was nursing. This is not the first time that the dog, Bambi, has been overlooked by a rescue group – her own litter of puppies were “rescued” when they were four weeks of age, and then Bambi was used to nurse a litter of motherless husky puppies.

An urgent request has been made in a Facebook post on the Dogs of MAS page:

UPDATE: Puppies went to Rescue
Bambi is still at the shelter
Please help Bambi escape

The shelter’s previous plea explains how Bambi helped the motherless litter:

From Shelter:
Eight husky puppies just brought in! They are barely a week old and need rescue! We have given them to Bambi, one of our resident mommas, and she seems to be taking to them! Please email rescues@cityofmesquite.com to tag Bambi and her adopted huskies!

Please help Bambi. She has been betrayed twice and deserves her chance to be saved. She deserves her chance to be loved and live in a home.

Bambi #A42335656 Located at Mesquite Animal Shelter

Phone: (972) 216–6283
📧 rescues@cityofmesquite.com
🏛️ 1650 Gross Rd, Mesquite

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  1. Jan Barnes says:



  2. Carol Szarek says:

    What kind of ‘rescue’ takes puppies at 4 weeks old, away from their mother and leaves her behind? This is deplorable and they are a rotten rescue group in my opinion. And the system just keeps using her up, and may end up euthanizing her. This is just wrong on so many levels. The husky puppies she nursed will all find homes, and she will still be there, waiting for someone to pull her plug. With this kind of plan in place, no wonder so many lovely, healthy, young animals get snuffed in the shelters. This system needs to be burned to the ground and started over. Animal welfare, remember??


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