Bonded dogs confirmed by shelter will soon be euthanized

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All have been RESCUED. 😉

At the Riverside County Animal Services in California, a pair of bonded dogs, have been confirmed by the shelter they will be euthanized by the end of the day on Thursday. Missy and Lucky are bonded senior sisters and were brought into the shelter by no fault of their own when their human was hospitalized.


Missy and Lucky are in the “needs rescue” building; tragically one of their male companions was euthanized on Wednesday. Six, Poncho and Blackie (rescued) were also surrendered together, however they have been kenneled separately.

MISSY (name on kennel card) 20lbs 10 years old  A0961585

Status: Red – medical, super friendly and is very quiet

I am a spayed female, tan Chihuahua – Smooth Coated mix.
The shelter staff think I am about 9 years old.
I have been at the shelter since Jun 07, 2019.
My stray holding period ended on 06/19/2019 and I am now available for adoption.

Status: RED- Medical/Geriatric urgent senior

LUCKY (name on kennel card) 6lbs 15 years old#A0952757

I am a spayed female, brown Chihuahua – Smooth Coated.
The shelter staff think I am about 15 years old.
I have been at the shelter since Jun 07, 2019.

In addition, Poncho and Six are bonded brothers who came in with Missy and Lucky. They have also been confirmed for euthanasia for over a week.

#A0961625 (Poncho, Neutered, 7yrs, 23lbs)

#A0961590 (Six, Neutered, 7yrs, 19lbs)


Share their plights with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives. We are their only hope.

Shelter address:
6851 Van Buren Boulevard
Riverside, California 92509
Phone: 951-358-7387
M-F 11:am-6:pm
Saturday 11:am-5:pm

Rescue phone: 951-358-7302
Rescue email:

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6 replies
  1. Bunny Peters says:

    Beyond tragic…….

    I just hope there are some kind hearted rescuers who are “local” & can help…….

  2. sherry mainquist says:

    I am so sorry the humans let you down…they should be ashamed of themselves…God bless your in His hands now…


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