Heartless woman in red sports car dumped dog in play yard of shelter

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A woman in a red sports car exited her vehicle and dumped a dog over the fence into the play yard of the Campbell County Animal Control in Rustburg, Virginia Saturday night. The woman was caught on surveillance video, however the license plate of the car was not visible.

“She got out of her hot red sports car, dumped him over the fence into the lot, and strolled away like it was absolutely no big deal dumping a dog at 8:00 p.m. (There was a phone number posted on the door, and she couldn’t have missed seeing it), the Friends of Campbell County Animal Control posted on their Facebook page Sunday morning.

What was just as heartbreaking was the moment the dog, now dubbed Bandy, tried to climb the fence in the yard to chase after his owner. And so now Bandy may be missing his owner in spite of the callousness,  is ready for a new home where he can be loved and appreciated. He’s described as very active and would benefit from an older dog who can help him learn proper behavior. He is social with other dogs and humans, but has been described as a “handful if you don’t know what you are doing.”

“All adoptions begin with an application, found under the “Animals” tab on our website, friendsofcampbellcounty.org. Please note that we do not promote dog adoptions to homes where an invisible fence is the fencing of choice, and we do not adopt unaltered pets outside our local area of Campbell County or counties touching Campbell. Bandy will need to be neutered if you are outside our area, prior to going to his new home.”

In Campbell County, it is illegal to dump an animal. This woman could have done better, and there is no excuse for treating any living creature as trash. Share Bandy’s plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Help this boy find the perfect home.

If anyone recognizes this dog or the description of the owner, please contact the shelter.

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Please join us in spreading a message of love and kindness. We hope to someday see a world free from cruelty!

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