Dog gets stuck in culvert in three-car wide driveway

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In Cape Coral, Florida, Miley had quite a day on Monday afternoon after getting stuck in a culvert under a three-car wide driveway. Just moments before, a Good Samaritan spotted the lost dog running along the street before getting stuck.

According to the Cape Coral Fire Department social media page, the dog named Miley stopped in front of a home and ran into the pipe under the driveway. The homeowner called the fire department for help, who immediately began their search for the dog. When spotted, Miley was in the middle of the driveway.

“The dog was spotted with flashlights and it had been hiding behind a palm leaf. First they tried to poke it, but it didn’t do anything. She didn’t move.”

So what to do? Firemen tried blowing air into the pipe to coax her out, but Miley wasn’t budging. Then came a gentle spray of water and finally she moved close enough to the entrance for a fireman to grab her by the leg and yank her out of the culvert.

At the same time Miley was rescued, a man had been frantically calling for his lost dog. The good news; no one was injured and Miley and her family were reunited.

Check out the video:

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