Disturbing photo of dog riding on tow truck sparks outrage

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In Waltham, Massachusetts, a disturbing photo of a dog riding on the back of a flatbed tow truck has sparked outrage on social media. Police and animal rescue organizations have been investigating after phone calls and text messages flooded the offices on Thursday morning.

Michael Gerry had been driving along Route 128 when he looked over and saw the dog on the truck. According to his Facebook page, Gerry who took the photo and shared it on social media, originally thought the dog was a stuffed animal, but as he drove closer to the truck, he saw that it was a live dog. An animal lover, Gerry was outraged at the danger the dog faced.

Gerry tried to get the attention of the driver before calling police. The driver pulled off at an exit, but Gerry was too concerned about the dog to just let the disturbing situation go by. And so he posted the photo on Facebook.

The truck belongs to Ramsay’s Towing, and it wasn’t long before outraged animal advocates flooded the company’s Facebook page with complaints. According to employees, the driver of the truck often takes his dog to work with him and the dog normally rides inside of the truck cabin. This time, however the people who owned the vehicle being towed needed a ride, and so the dog ended up tied onto the back of the truck.

After Ramsay’s Towing was made aware of the situation, they reported the driver had been fired.

The Massachusetts State Police are investigating along with the Animal Rescue League of Boston. The dual investigations hope to determine who was responsible for the dog being carried on the open flatbed, the owner and the condition of the animal and “whether law enforcement action is warranted against anyone responsible.

(Photos via Michael Gerry FB page)

Many thanks to Michael Gerry for being the voice for this dog.

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