Cruel matador ‘wipes tears’ off bull’s face before spearing him to death

In Seville, Spain a matador was videoed wiping bloody tears off of a bull’s face before spearing the badly injured animal to death during a bullfighting festival at the Real Maestranza bullring on Sunday.

According to the Daily Mail, the matador, Morante de la Puebla, 39, pulled out a handkerchief with his blood soaked hand to clean the dying bull’s tears away. Animal advocacy groups called the gesture “malicious and perverse, while traditional bull fighting fans called the action “respectful”; calling it part of Spanish culture.

The bull had four spiked “banderillas” sticking out of its back before Puebla fatally speared the suffering bull. Part of the tradition is for the matador to taunt the bull with his red cape and stick it with sharp swords in order to make the animal angrier. At the end, the matador stabs the bull in the neck to “honor its bravery.”

Many viewers wept as the bull agonized in pain – not knowing what had happened to him. Animal advocates stated they felt sick watching the bull  with four spiked “banderillas” out of his back.

“Only a malicious and perverse mind could torture an animals until the blood pours down its legs and then wipe its faces with a tissue,” stated a representative from the Spain’s Animalist Party Against Mistreatment of Animals. “This matador is just disgusting for his lack of empathy. Abolish bullfighting now.”

Many parts of Spain have banned bullfighting. Footage of this video has gone viral throughout Spain where opinions and laws are divided. Bullfighting is still legal in Seville.

Rest in peace brave bull.

(Photos screenshots via CEN)

The video can be viewed here. GRAPHIC and disturbing video

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