veterinary warning about dog bone

Veterinary warning ‘please do not buy this type of bone for your pup!’

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Following two concerning incidents with a popular chew “bone” product, a veterinary clinic in Perkasie, Pennsylvania, has issued a warning to clients, “please do NOT buy this type of bone for your pup!”

The Dublin Veterinary Hospital posted images of a Benebone stuck on a dog’s jaw and wrote:

Please do NOT buy this type of bone for your pup! It’s not worth the risk. Luckily for this patient, our technician was able to wiggle it free but our previous patient was under general anesthesia for nearly a half hour while we went through every tool in our arsenal to saw through both sides of the bone safely. 

According to the veterinary hospital, this is the second do to come into their practice in a two week period of time with this type of bone stuck on the jaw. The hospital wrote:

Both dogs are lucky that they did not end up with lacerations or broken teeth.

According to the hospital, the client reached out to the Benebone company to voice their concerns. The hospital stated:

**UPDATE** Our client contacted Benebone and they’ve been more than willing to help resolve the issue and safety concerns of their product. This includes contacting multiple retailers to pull these toys off of the shelves!

Earlier this month, a warning was issued on social media after the exact same chew toy “bone” got lodged on a dog’s jaw – read more about the harrowing experience here.

Please be sure to always monitor your dogs when they are chewing on any type of bone or toy.

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A miraculous recovery


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  1. Jan Barnes says:

    OMG! Thank you for the information! Also, please be careful with rubber
    toys–dogs can swallow pieces of the rubber, and this can be fatal!


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