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Matador’s leg impaled by bull’s horn at Madrid bullfight

In Spain, a matador’s leg was impaled by a bull’s horn. The event occurred in Madrid as matador Roman Collado, 26, tried to swoop in to kill the bull with his sword in the bullring … Read More

Bullfighter gored in behind during Madrid performance

A French bullfighter was gored in his behind by a raging bull during a performance in Madrid, Spain on Sunday. French matador, Juan Leal, 26, suffered the painful injury at the Las Ventas bullring on … Read More

Cruel matador ‘wipes tears’ off bull’s face before spearing him to death

In Seville, Spain a matador was videoed wiping bloody tears off of a bull’s face before spearing the badly injured animal to death during a bullfighting festival at the Real Maestranza bullring on Sunday.

According … Read More

Mexican bullfighter gored in his testicles as blood stains his white pants

On Saturday night, at the Mexico tournament at the plaza Santa Maria de Queretaro in Queretaro, video footage showed a bullfighter flung into the air after he was gored in his testicles by the bull. … Read More

Crowd boos as matador kills bull after animal gored bullfighter in neck

A matador with a seemingly aggressive penchant for getting even, returned to the ring to kill the bull who gored him repeatedly in the neck on Saturday. Bullfighter Arturo Macias was seriously injured during a … Read More

Bull kills itself after being terrified when its horns were set on fire

Disturbing footage of a bull confused and frightened that had been tied to a wooden post before it ran around a ring and seemingly hit its head on a wooden post in the small town … Read More

Spanish province steps closer to banning barbaric bullfighting misery

The Spanish areas of the Balearic Islands which includes Majorca, Minorca and Ibiza passed new legislation on Monday ending some of the bullfighting misery by banning matadors from killing bulls in the arenas and have … Read More

Matador gored to death by a bull in France

A French matador died after having been gored to death by a bull during a southwestern France bullfight on Saturday. The renowned Spanish bullfighter, Ivan Fandino, died shortly after being caught in the bullring and … Read More

Cruelty charge against owner for tying bull by its nose

In Nagpur, India, a cruelty charge has been levied against the owner of a bull who tethered the animal to a tree by tying a nylon rope on its nose. The FIR (First Information Report), … Read More

Spanish bullfighters’ sickening cruelty as bull set on fire

In a viral YouTube video, the disturbing animal cruelty of bullfighters during the egregious Spanish festival shows a bull’s horns set on fire as the terrified animal is sent into the ring, reports the Express.Read More