Abused dog seized by authorities when they showed up with warrant

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A dog dragged behind a vehicle for miles in South Carolina was surrendered by his owner on Saturday after police showed up at the home with a warrant. Authorities arrived after a complaint had been reported about the dog, named Gabe’s serious injuries.

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC stepped up after the local shelter  reached out for help.

“The story he told [the owner] was that dragging the dog had been an accident as dog had been tied to his car and he forgot when he had to pick up his kids at school on Friday. He said when he realized he was dragging his dog, he stopped and wrapped him in a towel. He said he took the dog home and thought he would be fine! At some point he did take him to the vet, but couldn’t afford care and returned home,” Jackie O’Sullivan, the co-founder of the rescue organization posted on social media Tuesday afternoon.

The horrific injuries on Gabe’s body, legs and paws indicate the dog had likely been dragged for miles – not a few blocks. In addition,  if the dog was dragged in daylight on Friday, with school children around, wouldn’t there have been people screaming for the owner to stop the vehicle and help the dog?

In addition, the dog’s wounds were already necrotic when he was surrendered – not likely that would that have happened in only one day as the owner claimed. Experts agree Gabe suffered for days with no medical help.

When police seized Gabe, the dog was rushed to an emergency veterinary hospital where he was sedated, cleaned and debrided the dog’s wounds as best as could be done at the time.

“His paw pads are virtually gone and his paws have the skin gone to the bone, his knees are the same. He has no nails left on either of his front paws. His chest has a HUGE open wound that cannot be closed. All 4 of his legs are bandaged and due to the severity of his injuries, he cannot stand or walk. We do not know if or when he will at this point,” Jackie continued.


And wouldn’t you know it? The 14-month-old puppy has been described as “sweet despite the horrible pain he is in.”  He will need extensive medical care. At this time, it is unknown if there is any muscle and tendon damage.

UPDATE: (7:30 p.m. Tuesday) Gabe just came out of his second surgery which lasted two hours. He received nearly 500 stitches to repair more of his injuries. 

Please note, many of the photos are too graphic to include. For the readers who want to view the horrific wounds Gabe endured for days, please click here.WARNING: Photos are extremely disturbing.

Please keep this poor victim in your thoughts and prayers and donate if you can.

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Clever puppy

So sweet

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  1. Please don’t tell me that police bought this “waste of space” BS on what had happened to this dear pup. Dear god you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know the heinous act that was done to this poor dog. Wonderful the rescue has stepped up for this pup. I am sure he has a great deal of time ahead till he heals. I hope and pray that this sub human is charged and any other pets removed from this home.

  2. Thank you RDR of NYC for rescuing this pup and helping him to heal. He has a long road ahead, but I pray that he will recover from this and placed in a loving home where he will be safe for the rest of his life. I hope the police are filing charges against this vile owner who not only caused this to happen to Gabe but when he realized she was seriously injured, never got her treatment. Hope he and his family never are allowed to own an pet again.

  3. Let’s all donate what we can and SHARE! Bless this poor little dog, i hope that someone loving/ caring will give him the home him deserves.


  4. It’s hard to believe that this could have been an accident as the POS owner stated. And Highly unlikely that he even sought help for poor Gabe. I’m glad Gabe is in the care of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, at least he has a chance.


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