Woman trying to take selfie gored by bull in ring with its horns on fire

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During a Spanish festival in Sumacarcer, Valencia, a young woman who jumped into a ring in order to take a selfie was gored by a bull whose horns were on fire as part of a tradition.

The tradition remains popular in many towns across the country. The “toro embolado” festival, translated as “bull with balls,” involves a bull tied to a post as balls of flammable material are placed on the animal’s horns which are then lit on fire.

According to the Daily Mail, the town festival included setting the animal loose within the bull ring while the audience looked on behind metal fences. As the bull ran wildly around the arena, the woman reportedly wanting to take photos climbed into the arena and the bull tossed her in the air.

The audience screamed and several audience members jumped into the arena and moved the woman out of the area. She was treated by paramedics and rushed to a hospital in a nearby city.

Animal activists continue to campaign against the practice labeling it as animal cruelty. There has not been any update on the bull. The woman is expected to survive.

(Photos of woman gored by bull freezeshots via video)

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  1. The stupid bitch, serves herself right. It’s a pity he didn’t finish her off. Anybody who wants to take a selfie of such a cruel and torturous act against an innocent animal deserves to die. Sick bitch.
    What about the innocent and helpless Bull and the torture and sufferung he was enduring. This vile and evil Tradition must be banned immediately. I am sickened by the unimaginable torture and suffering that the innocent Bulls endure in these evil and vile countries who still allow this sadism and evilness to be committed until they take their last and final agonising breath. Death to all that get a thrill out of such sadism and evilness committed against innocent animals. You evil lowlife sick monsters. I pray you all die and suffer as the innocent Bulls endure.

  2. Stupid,ignorant woman don’t really care what happens to her but I do care about the cruelty they inflicted on this bull. Can you imagine being held in place while they place some objects on your head and then lit them on fire? How inhumane is that? Thought stuff like this was outlawed there but guess this insane “tradition” goes on. Hope the bull is ok.

  3. Too bad the bull didn’t do the same to some more assholes there. FUCKERS deserve it to have it happen to each of them.

  4. Absolutely NO SYMPATHY for HER! Too bad SHE wasn’t set on fire!

    My heart breaks for the bull and all the other innocent defenseless animals that are forced to endure this horrific suffering!

    Please update us on how the bull is doing. The bull is in my prayers!


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