Woman trying to take selfie gored by bull in ring with its horns on fire

During a Spanish festival in Sumacarcer, Valencia, a young woman who jumped into a ring in order to take a selfie was gored by a bull whose horns were on fire as part of a … Read More

Cruelty charge against owner for tying bull by its nose

In Nagpur, India, a cruelty charge has been levied against the owner of a bull who tethered the animal to a tree by tying a nylon rope on its nose. The FIR (First Information Report), … Read More

Spanish bullfighters’ sickening cruelty as bull set on fire

In a viral YouTube video, the disturbing animal cruelty of bullfighters during the egregious Spanish festival shows a bull’s horns set on fire as the terrified animal is sent into the ring, reports the Express.Read More