Stoned raccoon taken to firefighters

Woman seeks help from firefighters for her stoned raccoon

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Firefighters are the public’s go-to rescuers, no matter what the situation. A woman in Indianapolis turned to the firefighters at Wayne Township’s Station 82 after her pet raccoon ingested marijuana and got “stoned.”

The fire department Tweeted about the rather bizarre request for help:

Story of the day! Our FF’s at Station 82 were awakened at 2 am last week to a person seeking treatment for her pet Raccoon. What was his illness you ask? The raccoon had smoked too much weed. Yes! It happened!

As good as firefighters are at solving problems, there wasn’t much that they could do for the poor animal, aside from letting him sleep it off. The department Tweeted, “As much as we love animals, there wasn’t much they could do.”

The department is hopeful that the raccoon made a full recovery after a good rest.

(Image via Pixabay and Twitter)

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