Woman jumps into frozen lake to rescue stranger’s husky

A video showing an unidentified woman jumping into a frozen lake and breaking ice floes with her bare hands to rescue a husky in East Vancouver, Canada has gone viral.

According to the Evening Standard, the footage was filmed by animal and environmental advocate Best West who had been in the area walking his own dog near the Trout Lake when the incident occurred.

“This woman, it wasn’t even her own dog. She just started trotting out onto the ice and kind of falling through onto the water,” West told news media. “People were kind of cautioning her ‘don’t do it’ but she said ‘it’s a dog. I have to.'”

And the woman ventured out waist deep into the lake until she reached the dog named Tessa who had been struggling to stay afloat. Fortunately both the dog and the woman were unharmed. Tessa was cuddled and dried off with a towel, and just moments later resumed her playtime with the other dogs. A paramedic checked out the woman; her heroism didn’t however go unnoticed.

“…It wasn’t even her dog. I’m so inspired and so happy it all worked out for the best. I saw the dog fall through the ice and screamed out. Community members all rushed to help and support her.

“We were all calling the dog’s name so it would keep swimming. She was rushed to a house in the neighborhood and put in a warm bath while the paramedics were en-route. A few of us then had to chase this woman’s dog around in circles in the park as she looked for her owner. We finally got her and brought back to her owner.”

The British Columbia Search and Rescue Association congratulated everyone on the rescue, but does caution everyone not to go out onto the ice without proper training and equipment.

(Photos and video from Ben West)

Check out the video:

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