The homeless dog with nowhere to go

A dog in Hesston, Kansas, is homeless and he has nowhere to go. The young dog, named Milos, was on death row at a rural animal shelter in Lubbock, Texas, not long ago – shortly before he was scheduled to be put down, he was pulled.

Sadly, the foster home for Milos fell through and he was moved to another home – his current foster mom is moving out of state soon and she is unable to take the homeless pup with her. Milos can’t seem to catch a break and his foster mom is hopeful that someone will have room in their home, and their heart, for him so that he doesn’t end up in a facility where “death row” is a possibility again.

Milos’ current foster, Dana, describes the 40 pound dog for the Pet Rescue Report:

He’s been nothing but a great dog. I’m going to try and have some strangers come over to see how he reacts but he’s been very polite, dog friendly, good with the  horses and ponies, loves to be pet, was good for a bath, sleeps next to my bed all night. walks well on a leash. just seems like a great dog.

Milos needs somewhere safe to go by the end of the month – he has shown some issues with being overly protective and needs to be worked with.  According to Dana, Milos is fully vetted and is believed to be a one to two-year-old Shar-pei mix.

homeless dog


Anyone who is interested in learning more about Milos should reach out to Dana at:

(Note – all inquiries about this dog need to be made directly to Milos’ current foster home, including about temperament, behavior, home suitability and availability.)

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  1. Luana Duncan says:

    Poor Milo’s! He is such a beauty! I wish I could take him but my situation wouldn’t allow another dog. Please someone come forward and adopt/ rescue this sweet boy! Milos u will b in my prayers!

  2. Adrienne says:

    Milos needs another foster or even adopter. He looks so sweet and hopefully through their networking, he will get a place to stay.

  3. ACE says:

    I can’t take Dear Max, Bless hi, I hope someone comes through for him…perhaps out of state? If there is anyone one out there perhaps we can club together to offer transport funding, or perhaps a ride to get him to a new LOVING< FOREVER HOME


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